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a. This process must take place either outside or in a very well ventilated area. 
b. Ethanol vapors will pool on the floor and they are not visible with the naked eye. 
c. If a fire happens it will burn clear and hot. 
d. Use all precautions to make sure you and everyone around you are practicing good safety at all times.

Materials List:
- 5 Gallon stainless stockpot ( you will need 2)
- 220 micron bubble bags (5 gallon size)
- 190 proof ethanol
- Dryice
- Panda spin dryer
- Thermometer
- Chest freezer (optional)
- Biomass

a. Full face respirator with approved APF = 10 filters rated for organic vapors 
b. Chemical resistant gloves that can handle very low temps and insulate your hands
c. Appropriate clothing for cold temps and possible spills

1. Determine your volume of ethanol based on your dry flower weight

a. For every 1L of biomass use 2L of ethanol 

2. Fill your bubble bags with biomass (typically you can fit about 2.5lbs in a 5gal bubble bag)

a. Place the biomass in the chest freezer while you prep the rest

3. Pour the determined amount of ethanol splitting it in between the two stainless stock pots

a. One pot will be used for the initial dunk and the other will be used for a second dunk

4. Slowly add dry ice to the stockpots until your ethanol temps reach -50C or colder
5. Place the bubble bag in the stock pot and occasionally agitate it for at least 10 minuets
6. Once the 10 mins is up move the same bag to the second stock pot for another wash
7. Once your second wash is done place the bubble bag in the panda spin dryer and spin until you’ve removed all the residual ethanol you can
8. Monitor your ethanol levels as well as temps throughout the process. You may need to add some of the spun out ethanol back to the initial dunk stockpot to keep the bags saturated

From here you can continue on to a carbon scrub and/or additional winterization and filtration prior to solvent recovery

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